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in the field of micro-resistance welding

Welding controls

For precision control of production processes

The company Matuschek, with whom we have worked confidently for many years, is a partner, who has been supplying state-of-the-art control technology since 1985. An in-house engineering team and delivery to renowned users guarantee the ongoing further development of hardware and software.

The welding controls of the Spatz series are based on the principle of inverter technology. The SPATZ welds accurately, powerfully and persistently with the fastest reaction speed. Every weld is controlled during the welding process. Constant Current Control (CCC), Constant Power Control (CPC) and Constant Voltage Control (CVC) can all be used as control procedures. At the end of each weld, the SPATZ checks if the current welding parameters comply with the preset limits.

Our control technology:

  • 20 kHz – inverter technology of 100 – 65,000 A
  • 1 kHz – inverter technology up to 28 kA